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Business Management  by Veterinarians for Veterinarians

In the daily rush to see patients, manage staff and be an entrepreneur, no one can do it all.  That's where our team comes in.  Directed by Dr. Timothy Jordan, we offer financial and business productivity services that help you excel on the business side of your operation.  You can relax and be a doctor to your patients again.

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Practice Valuation and Acquisition

A unique aspect of our firm is that we either evaluate your practice or take an existing valuation and formulate a plan to maximize the potential value of the practice.  This service is used by practice owners looking to improve the financial performance of their practice, veterinarians planning retirement and associates looking to acquire practices.

Marketing Demographics and Growth

Practice growth is essential for maximizing practice net worth.  From your practice's demographics, we determine who and what you are.  Then we examine the market factors at play in your area and formulate a market plan that encompasses digital, relationship and services marketing functions for a complete and comprehensive marketing plan.

Financial Productivity and Analysis

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.  In the maze of practice metrics, we focus on key economic and financial variables that must be addressed in your practice to ensure success. We use your practice software, financial reports and in-depth personal interviews and evaluations to best determine a plan to manage your practice effectively.

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